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Landmarks & Places Team

Click on the marker points to see different photos submissions. 


Alejandro Guzman 

Alejandro is a Multimedia Department Assistant, Co-President of the Multimedia Action Coalition, and a pretty chill dude. Originally from Napa, CA, he wishes to pursue his passion in video editing and creating content that gives people joy and entertainment for years to come. He is a Multimedia major with emphases in High Definition Digital Cinema and Visual Effects, Motion Graphics & Animation.



Eliza Weber 

Eliza has a strong love for creating and being artistic, and feels that her major has allowed her to dive into the world of design. Along with her courses at California Lutheran University, Eliza has also had the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain and take courses specifically in Design. She is a Multimedia major with an emphasis in Graphic Design/Print and a minor in Psychology.


Instagram: @elizaweberdesign



Jacob, or Jake, as he is often referred to, is a Film student inspired to further his knowledge in the film industry. He is a highly motivated filmmaker with a focus in cinematography. In his exhibit, Jake strove to give everyone a taste of his work and accomplishments. He is a Multimedia major with an emphasis in High Definition Digital Cinema.


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